Lodging Regulations

  • All guests are required to register themselves and sign the registration card at the Reception Desk in addition to showing a form of identification e.g. passport, DNI, Identity Card, etc.).
  • The Lodging Establishment reserves the right of admission and in the event of inappropriate conduct that goes against moral values and public order, the area of SSAA will require the guest to remove his/her belongings and leave the room.
  • The guest may not use the room nor other areas of the establishment for purposes contrary to those previously established, nor may he/she use noisy devices that bother the other guests.
  • The Account Statements that the Hotel Establishment presents to the guest must be canceled at the time they are rendered.
  • The guest and the persons under his/her care, must assume all costs of any material damage of the premises that they themselves have caused during their stay at the Hotel Establishment.
  • It is prohibited to bring any kind of pet to the Hotel Establishment.
  • Luggage and guest belongings will be confiscated as warrantee for pending debt and damages inflicted upon the Hotel Establishment, until the guest pays the totality of the debt.
  • Past 60 days without having canceled the debt, the guest will forgo the belongings, allowing the Hotel Establishment to initiate the pertinent legal actions in the event that they do not cover the total debt.
  • The Hotel Establishment does not hold itself responsible for the loss of money, jewels, documents, passports, and other personal belongings the guest may leave in the room or any area of the premises.
  • The Hotel Establishment does not hold itself responsible for the loss or damage to the guest’s personal belongings.
  • The Hotel Establishment will only be answerable for matters of civic responsibilities in accordance with the amounts, limitations and conditions established by the insurance policy issued by the insurance company.
  • The Hotel Establishment does not hold itself responsible for injuries, damages, or death to the guests themselves and their belongings in the event of an accident caused by chance or events beyond our control within the Premises of the Establishment, as well as those produced by third persons, for example by means of firearms, explosives and other devices.
  • Cooking and ironing inside the rooms is prohibited.
  • Check-out time is at 12:00 noon. After 2:00pm until 6:00pm the guest will pay an additional fee pertaining to a half-day rate, past 6:00pm they will pay an additional day’s rate.
  • The guest must return the room key to the Reception Desk each time he/she leaves the Hotel Establishment.
  • The Food & Lodging Supervisor has the right to require the registration of visitors as a safety measure, and to inform the Security Department, with due notice, of the persons staying in the Hotel as well as the entrance of people unaffiliated with Hotel Establishment.
  • It is strictly prohibited that the guests’ visitors enter and/or spend the night in the room. In the event that other persons wish to stay in the room, the pertinent authorization should be requested, and the guest must assume an additional fee for this service.
  • In order to avoid disturbing the guests, it is prohibited that children play or gather near the rooms.
  • All personal belongings that are forgotten by the guest will remain in the Hotel’s custody during 60 days, after which time they will be handed over to be entered in a raffle among personnel.
  • All which is not stipulated in these regulations will be subject to the regulations contained in articles 1713 to 1726 of the Peruvian Civil Code and held in the Regulations of the Hotel Establishment.
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