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The guardians of the Andean potato

March 20, 2017 By admin

The Pachamama or Earth Mother is the most sacred place for Andean farmers. Sixty-five-year-old Jose Palomino from Andahuaylas was initiated into the world of potato growing as a child, working […]

Scientists grow potato under Mars-like conditions in Peru

March 18, 2017 By The Japan Times

LIMA – Potatoes on Mars? Scientists are reporting promising results growing the tuber under conditions that mimic the Red Planet in an…


“Preliminary results are positive,” the International Potato Center (CIP) said after a potato grew under simulated Mars atmospheric

‘The Martian’ Was Right: Potatoes Can Grow on Mars!

March 12, 2017 By Sputnik International

NASA and the International Potato Center (CIP) have launched a series of experiments to discover if potatoes can grow on Mars. Sputnik…

Potatoes on Mars project was conceived almost a year ago by the International Potato Center.

“Alarmed by the shrinking of arable land, CIP

Investigación revela que las papas pueden cultivarse en Marte

March 11, 2017 By La Repú

Un estudio demostraría que la papa peruana puede sembrarse y cosecharse en Marte. Además, la NASA tendría planeado construir una base en…

estudio realizado en Perú en cooperación con la NASA.

El Centro Internacional de la Papa (CIP) indicó que “Los resultados preliminares (del

Matt Damon Could Be Right, Potatoes Can Be Grown On Mars

March 11, 2017 By

If you’ve seen the film ‘The Martian’, you would remember that Matt Damon, the protagonist grows potatoes on Mars for survival. The idea of…

to see if the potato scheme could work on Mars.

The International Potato Centre (CIP) in Peru launched a series of experiments to discover

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