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CIP Newsletter December 2011

CIP is a GREAT investment!

Net annual benefit from CIP related technology documented in impact studiesThe annual net benefit from CIP research has exceeded $225 million for the past 10 years. This figure is based on estimates from CIP impact studies, which also show that the benefits mostly accrue to the poor and hungry in developing countries.

“For CIP donors, that is a handsome dividend, indeed,” notes Guy Hareau, who leads CIP’s Impact Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation Unit.


A Maasai woman becomes a potato seed productionpioneer

A Maasai woman becomes a potato seed production pioneerChristine Nashuru is a Maasai woman living in the Transmara District of Kenya. Christine did not accessformal education. But thanks to a training course led by CIP, she has pioneered the production of seedpotato in her district. In 2010, Christine sold over 10.3 tons of seed potato, worth over US$4,000, and she isexpecting more than 80 tons of seed from her 4 acres for 2011.


First ever Mozambican potato varieties released

First ever Mozambican potato varieties releasedSeven new potato varieties, obtained from CIP’s breeding program and collection, were recently releasedin Mozambique as part of a food security and poverty alleviation effort. Developed and selected inMozambique in collaboration with government partners, other local partner, and farmers, they are thecountry’s first home-developed potato varieties.



Sweetpotato – in perpetuity

Sweetpotato – in perpetuity A new agreement between CIP and the Global Crop DiversityTrust is paving the way to support, conserve, and makeavailable sweetpotato varieties in perpetuity. The agreementfinalizes a 5-year grant for US$1 million from the Trust to CIP,which will be automatically renewed every five years.


A positive legacy in Uzbekistan

CIP’s main partner in Uzbekistan at the National University has received a US$2.8 million grant to implementa seed potato multiplication project using the three CIP clones released in the past two years. The threevarieties are well adapted to local conditions of drought, heat, and soil salinity.


One Corporate System Prototype Workshop

One Corporate System Prototype WorkshopMore than 30 staff members from AfricaRice, Bioversity, CIAT, CIP, ICARDA, ICRAF, ILRI, IRRI, WorldFish, and the Consortium Office met at CIP-Lima for a 3-week workshop to review prototype modules for One Corporate System (OCS). They carefully went through the processes and details of the prototypes with consultants from UNIT 4, the company that has been contracted to develop the system.




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