Request for proposal: Establishment of aeroponic facilities in Odisha

Potato is one amongst the key crops in Odisha, which is predominated with a rice-based cropping system. Average potato productivity in the state is low as 17 tons/ ha, when compared to national average of 24 tons/ ha, the reasons traced to multiple and are centred to lack of climate support and inefficient seed system in the region. Despite lower productivity, the state has a potential of up to 40 tons/ ha, highlights the importance of quality seeds. Furthermore, availability of quality potato seeds in the state is a key concern and is becoming a challenging in the present climate crisis.

To strengthen existing seed system, CIP is working in collaboration with OUAT and is establishing aeroponics facilities in Bhubaneswar (Odisha) for potato mini tuber production with an aim to achieve overall seed sector development in the state. The design specification and terms of reference are detailed below.

Publications dates

End date: Julio 09, 2024

Barun Raj