Request for proposal: Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution Enhancement

CIP (a.k.a the CUSTOMER) is seeking proposals for a system enhancement to its Unit4 ERP (internally called OCS). Your firm, among others, is invited to submit a proposal on a competitive basis in the format described in this Request for Proposal (RFP) document. This RFP establishes requirements and defines responsibilities of the proposing vendor (a.k.a. “Offeror “) to engineer, provide, install, test, and document this software system enhancement to be referred to herein as the “IMPLEMENTATION”. The terms “OFFEROR”, “PROPOSING VENDOR”, and “CONTRACTOR” refer to any vendor responding to this RFP and the vendor selected for the project described herein.

CIP requests that all Offerors examine the specific technical and functional requirements contained in this RFP and prepare responses pursuant to the terms of this document.

This RFP in no way constitutes an agreement between the Customer and any Offeror. The objective of the RFP is the negotiation, execution and consummation of a definitive agreement between the Customer and appropriate Offeror (s) to provide the services described herein. Information contained in the RFP is provided in strict confidence and shall be used only for purposes of responding to this RFP.

Publications dates

End date: August 31,2020

Ximena Ganoza
Logistics Senior Manager