Marc Ghislain

Marc Ghislain

Area Research Program for Strategic Objective 4: Game-Changing Solutions
Title Program Leader, Game-Changing Solutions (SO4)
Citizenship Belgian
Location Nairobi, Kenya
Profile Summary

Dr. Marc Ghislain is a Senior Biotechnologist and leader of the global research program for strategic objective 4: Game Changing Solutions. He also chairs CIP’s institutional biosafety committee and is a member of the intellectual property committee.
Marc’s research scope covers the use and characterization of potato and sweetpotato wild relatives, genetic mapping of traits of interest, isolation of genes and alleles, and their introgression into advanced germplasm by marker-assisted selection, genomics-assisted breeding, or transgenesis for the potato and the sweetpotato crops. He has a PhD in Cell and Gene Biotechnology from Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

In Africa, Marc is developing transgenic potato with late blight resistance and sweetpotato with resistance to viral diseases and weevils, while contributing to the application of genomics tools for sweetpotato breeding.

Languages French, English, Spanish
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