David Dudenhoefer

CIP Leads Initiative to Understand how Climate Change Affects Pests

January 22, 2016 By David Dudenhoefer

Pests and diseases already pose major threats to the food security and livelihoods of smallholders in developing countries, yet there is a shortage of information about how much and where climate change will transform those threats. To help fill that knowledge gap, CIP is leading a multi-crop collaboration with several other international research centers and national programs to predict how global warming will affect some of the most destructive crop pests and diseases in East Africa.

Peru Chosen to Host 10th World Potato Congress in 2018

July 16, 2015 By David Dudenhoefer

During a celebration of Agricultural Research Day on July 15, Alberto Maurer, the Head of Peru’s National Institute for Agricultural Innovation (INIA), accompanied by CIP Director General Barbara Wells and representatives of various other national and international institutions, announced that Peru will host the 10th World Potato Congress in 2018.

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