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APPG meeting with Food Prize Laureates

March 16, 2017 By Joel Ranck

The CIP and HarvestPlus 2016 World Food Prize Laureates participated in a session of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Agriculture and Food for Development that brings together UK Parliamentarians concerned with agriculture, nutrition and food security in the developing world.

Indicators show potatoes can grow on Mars

March 8, 2017 By Joel Ranck

This Phase Two effort of CIP’s proof of concept experiment to grow potatoes in simulated Martian conditions began on February 14, 2016 when a tuber was planted in a specially constructed CubeSat contained environment built by engineers from University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Lima based upon designs and advice provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Ames Research Center (NASA ARC), California. Preliminary results are positive.

Women and girls in science making a difference

February 11, 2017 By Joel Ranck

Today is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. At the International Potato Center (CIP), we honor all our women scientists for their contribution to achievement of CIP’s vision of roots and tubers improving the lives of the poor. In 2016 CIP had the honor of having two of its women scientists, Drs. Jan Low and Maria Andrade, recognized with the World Food Prize which they shared with two other scientists.

Pest Risk Atlas for Africa freely available online to help national programs supporting smallholder farmers combat the effects associated with climate change on pest management

February 6, 2017 By Joel Ranck

The International Potato Center (CIP) announces the launch of its free online mobile accessible Pest Risk Atlas for Africa that assesses potential pest risks under current and potential future climate conditions for a number of important pests that effect African agricultural and horticultural crops like potato, sweetpotato, vegetables, and maize.

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