Feed the Future – Kenya Accelerated Value Chain Development Program



The recently launched Feed the Future – Accelerated Value Chain Development is working in Kenya to apply technologies and innovations for selected value chains in order to competitively and sustainably increase productivity and contribute to inclusive agricultural growth, nutrition and food security in the country. Focusing on the livestock, dairy, root crops and staple drought tolerant crops value chains in 23 counties in Kenya, the program aims to lift 385,200 households out of poverty, making them food secure and enabling their transition from subsistence to market-orientated farming. The International Potato Center is leading the root crops value chain and will contribute to improving food security, nutrition and incomes of 100,00 smallholder households in Kenya over three years with potato and orange fleshed sweetpotato by supporting seed system development through targeted private sector investment, increasing crop productivity and market opportunities, and improving nutritional quality of diets across eight counties.


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