International Day of Women and Girls in Science

This Saturday, 11 February, is the International Day of Woman and Girls in Science (IDWGIS). It is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, talent, and dedication of the women scientists at CIP and other organizations around the world. The theme of IDWGIS 2023 – Innovate, Demonstrate, Advance, and Sustain (I.D.E.A.S) – is especially appropriate for CIP’s women researchers. They are developing or disseminating innovations that are contributing, or will contribute, to achieving the SDGs.

From highly productive and nutritious crop varieties to approaches that enable farming families to reap better harvests and incomes, women scientists at CIP are on the leading edge of research for development. They have helped men, women, children and young adults across the Global South achieve the benefits of food and nutrition security, income opportunities, and the well-being they provide; or are conserving or developing assets or innovations for countless future beneficiaries. The women scientists of CIP have plenty to be proud of and they deserve to celebrate their own and their colleagues’ achievements. We applaud their contributions and commitment to a more equitable, sustainable world with food and nutrition security and economic opportunities for all.

Joyce Maru | Senior Program Coordinator

“Participation of women and girls and children helps them develop critical thinking and diverse research skills that enable them to effectively respond to global challenges and crises such as climate change.”

Elke Vandamme | Systems Agronomist Senior Scientist

“Applied research aims to understand problems affecting societies to then address them with innovative solutions. This has attracted me to science and gives me purpose in my work.”

Dinah Borus | Scientist

“Having grown up in a remote rural area, I never had an interaction with female scientists in my early childhood, whether in agriculture or heath sector, but now I can quickly list the women scientists in my village.”

Vania Azevedo | Head of The CIP Genebank

“Diversity is essential for the development of greater science, and this includes gender diversity, meaning, more women in science”.

Margaret McEwan | Senior Scientist

“Women enrich science by bringing diverse perspectives, which are critical to addressing the complex problems our planet and societies face”