Transforming lives through science | Social media toolkit

Since its foundation in South America in 1971, CIP has become increasingly engaged in Africa. More than two-thirds of the Center’s research and development activities are now conducted in and for Africa, and since 2010, CIP and its partners have reached over seven million African households, contributing to diet diversity, climate resilience, and livelihood opportunities. The SOAR Foundation estimated that each US dollar invested in such work has generated USD 10 of benefits.

Since Malawi offers excellent examples of CIP’s work, this event focuses on achievements in that country that can be replicated elsewhere on the continent. Experts from government, CGIAR, the private sector, and donor organizations will discuss options for enabling millions more farmers to improve their food production and livelihoods with root and tuber crops to facilitate access to more affordable and nutritious food for people across sub-Saharan Africa.

Two ways to join the social media campaign:

  1. Upload suggested statements and supplementary photos to increase awareness of event. Feel free to tweak the statements to highlight your organization’s participation.
  2. Publish your own social media messages that highlight your organization’s work relevant to this event. Impact stories, trivia cards, call to actions, and invitation to join the conversation are encouraged. Tag partners and other participating organizations and use hashtags that connect to other issues.