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The Andean Initiative, led by the International Potato Center (CIP), is a regional innovation platform designed to preserve the Andes’s unique agrobiodiversity, promote healthy diets, and build a climate resilient future.

To mark the virtual launch of the Andean Initiative and its 2020–30 strategy, CIP is organizing a series of events. Please see below the calendar and details of the activities.

22 July Launch of the Andean Initiative
23 July International dialogue: “Why the Andes, why now? Role of the Andean region to human and planetary health”
July 27–7 August First biweekly session: “From the Andean farm to the table: innovations for the future of agrobiodiversity”—Host: Alejandra Arce
10–21 August Second biweekly session: “Shocks and crises in the Andes” —Host: Stef de Haan
24 August–4 September Third biweekly session: “Rural women and youth: opportunities in the urban-digital era” —Host: Paola Flores
7–18 September Fourth biweekly session: “The Andes’s key natural capitals at risk” —Host: David Ramirez

Join us: #ConnectWithTheAndes