Bringing lessons from African countries to scale: How to support young women to drive inclusive and resilient food systems

Via Zoom

In this session, we bring young women voices into the discussion, to learn from their experiences and identify ways to support them better as they strive to derive their livelihoods from agriculture. We further explore lessons learnt by experts who provide such support, who will offer recommendations on what can be scaled up based on country-level initiatives.


November 17, 2020
14:30 pm (EAT)


Vivian Atakos



  • Highlight why supporting and investing in young women is critical for solving hunger in Africa amidst major crises like climate change and COVID-19
  • Showcase success stories involving young women (and men); lessons learnt and how these can be scaled up or inform broader ongoing initiatives
  • Build linkages and partnerships to promote resilient, inclusive African agriculture and food systems