CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Virtual Convention 2020: Digital dynamism for adaptive food systems

Via Zoom

CGIAR scientists are increasingly tapping the power of big data to enhance their development of solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. The current pandemic and steady advance of climate change add urgency to this work, and highlight the need for more agile and adaptive approaches. This inclusive, virtual event convenes experts from across the globe to present and discuss ways that advances in digital technology can be harnessed to help the world build back better, and transform the food system.

From October 19—23, under the theme of Digital Dynamism for Adaptive Food Systems, the CGIAR Big Data in Agriculture Convention 2020 offers information and insights on current trends in the use of big data and digital technologies in research for development. The event is free of charge, available online to anyone interested. Speakers will present and discuss cutting-edge innovations and gender-responsive digital tools and technologies that can facilitate the detection, analysis, and response to major challenges to food and nutrition security.

Join this global event to learn about the latest trends and developments in digital technology and ways they can contribute to food and nutrition security, inclusive economic growth, and the transition to a more resilient and sustainable food system.


October 19, 2020