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The USAID Potato Program in Georgia | Green Stop Tour

Producing clean seed is a perennial challenge to potato production in Georgia and around the world. Because it is bulky and perishable (and costly), most potato farmers use old seed potatoes from previous harvests, but these potatoes carry disease and result in sub-optimal yields. Current seed sharing practices are informal and a lack of certification standards means that Georgian potato farmers miss out on better yields and higher incomes from potato. 

The Green Stop Tour will visit five places in Georgia where the USAID Potato Program is working to improve the country’s potato sector through enhanced seed production, led by the International Potato Center and its 3G Seed Potato Production approach.   


May 31-June 29, 2022


Viviana Infantas




11:00 am | Arriving to the village Maradisi and opening cold frame high tunnels 

11:30 am | Opening remarks Iuri Nozadze – Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia

11:35 am | Opening remarks- Annie Steed, Economic Growth – Office Deputy Director, USAID/ Georgia

11:40 am | Opening Remarks – Kenan Omarov – Mayor of Marneuli Municipality 

11:45 am | Announcement about Green Stop Tour start – Rusudan Mdivani, CoP, USAID Potato program

11:50 am | Presentation on the CIP Potato Program Benefits and its Perspectives – SPMU member, farmer

12:00 am |Announcement about Green Stop Destinations – Rusudan Mdivani, CoP, USAID Potato program, USAID

12:05 am | A chance to taste some potato-based dishes and refreshments

​​12:35 am | Departure to Tbilisi

Maradisi Village, Marneuli
Kickoff event for the Green Stop Tour.


10:00 am | Opening remarks – Rusudan Mdivani, CoP, USAID Potato program.

10:05 am | Opening remarks – Zaza Shavadze – Minister, the Ministry of Agriculture of Adjara Autonomous Republic.

10:15 am |Opening remarks – Marika Olson– Director of economic growth office, USAID/ Georgia

10:20 am | About USAID Potato Program, Announcement about Green Stop next station and calendar – Rusudan Mdivani, CoP,  USAID Potato program 

​​10:30 am | Participants will have time to visit  stands where potato seedlings produced by SPMU will be sold. Refreshments will be served and a buffet lunch with varied potato-based dishes  along with other type of canapes will be served for participants to help themselves to an informal lunch as they learn more about the Program.

Potato Seedlings Fair

Potato Seedlings Fair: Program beneficiaries will sell clean, high-quality potato seeds produced using ideas and technologies developed by the International Potato Center.

Mestia, Svaneti
Potato Seedlings Fair

Potato Seedlings Fair 

Oni, Racha
Potato Seedlings Fair

DAY 1 | MAY 31

DAY 2 | JUNE 15

DAY 3 | JUNE 21

DAY 4 | JUNE 23

DAY 5 | JUNE 27

DAY 6 | JUNE 29

The USAID Potato Program in Georgia | Green Stop Tour