Webinar: Role of women in developing climate-smart seed systems in the Philippines


The Philippines is considered one of the most vulnerable countries in the region affected by rising sea levels, rising temperatures and the rising occurrence of extreme weather events such as flood and drought. As such, agriculture is deeply impacted by these changes.

Farmers specifically cite rainfall variability and increased and prolonged droughts as the two most important  climate-induced challenges they face. Crop diversification, often touted as a key strategy to achieve climate resilience, has been ineffective due to weak market linkages and because high quality climate-resilient seeds are not available.

The current administration, led by Secretary Dr. William Dar, recently announced the establishment of a National Seed Technology Park to bring key players in the seed industry together to ensure that good quality and certified seeds are available to farmers in a timely fashion and affordable prices. This is a welcome and positive development.

For climate-smart seed systems to flourish, the growing importance of women in Philippine agriculture must also be recognized and their perspectives must be integrated into crafting such as system.  Hence, this webinar provides a platform for discussing the role of women in developing a climate-smart seed system in the Philippines.


August 19, 2020
13:30–15:00 (Manila time)


Ms. Marietta Nadal
Office Manager, Asia Operations, Philippines

Specific objectives will include:

  • The use a gender lens for farmer access to and control of seed
  • The participation of women in commercial seed production
  • The climate-smart seed system development for the reach, benefit and empowerment of women farmers.