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Climate crisis, the pandemic of COVID-19, the loss of biodiversity, the structural inequality and the transition of the food system represent complex and interconnected challenges that require a consensual science agenda for co-innovation. The Andean Initiative is a regional innovation platform that addresses these challenges through an integrated agenda on agrobiodiversity, climate action, and healthy diets based on gender, youth, big data and digital solutions. The Andes are megadiverse and a hotspot that provides solutions based in nature, including ecosystem services that will benefit populations throughout Western South America.

Starting in July 2019 we began a process of consultation and deep situational analysis with partners and different actors of the region, in order to identify topics and emerging demands for sustainable development in areas of the High Andes during the next decade. Based on this, we developed a strategy that introduces new themes and represents a road map to achieve substantial changes in the Andean region. We invite everyone to be part of this change!


July 22, 2020
09:00 am (Peru)


Viviana Infantas
Institutional Relations Specialist, CIP


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  • Publicly launch the Andean Initiative and present the 2020-2030 strategy of the new innovation regional platform
  • Invite everyone to participate in the launching campaign of the Andean Initiative starting on July 22 through September 18, 2020
  • Officially launch the logo of the Andean Initiative and recognize the winner of the logo design contest