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Andean ecosystems, through their rich biodiversity and ecological processes like supply and control of water fluxes, soil carbon fixation by vegetation and soil, among others, provide some Ecosystem Services (like production of nutritious food and fiber, clean water, carbon sequestration in the soil, ecotourism, among others) that have been vital for the well-being of the Andean communities, and adjoining cities. However, perturbations caused by our activities like irresponsible mining, non-appropriated agricultural management, overgrazing, and others join with climate change, have reduced the capacity of Andean ecosystems to provide those precious resources.

On the other hand, there are some particularities among the sectors in charge of the elaboration of governmental policies, contribution to the scientific knowledge, and society, which are associated with the management of Ecosystem Services. All of that requires coordinated efforts among these sectors, and the creation of contexts that allow joining action.


September 10, 2020
10:00 am (Peru)


Viviana Infantas
Institutional Relations Specialist, CIP


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This webinar pretends to gather the governmental, science and society sectors representatives through a virtual space to promote the dialogue through an exchange of experiences in different Andean countries, to try to answer the question raised in the title of this webinar.

Issues to be discussed

  • Tools for the measurement and quantification of Ecosystem Services
  • Monitoring and restoration of Ecosystem Services in the Andes
  • Public policies focused on compensation mechanisms for Ecosystem Services and their viability in the Andes.
  • Analysis of organizational and governance experiences in the region aimed at financing for the conservation and restoration of Ecosystem Services