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The International Potato Center has made news of late due to its collaboration with NASA and the combined effort to grow #PotatoesOnMars and while that’s a compelling storyline for a movie what CIP is really about is Farmers on Earth. Inspired by Humans of New York, or as its devoted fans call it, HONY, a wonderful series of photos and stories about people, primarily New Yorkers and their hopes, struggles and lives, Farmers of Earth uses photos and stories to help you learn more about farmers in the developing world and the challenges they face to feed their families and communities and the innovative solutions they use to overcome them.

Catalina Gago: when we prepare our potatoes they open like a rose

  This year we only harvested a modest amount of potatoes because we were affected by the rain and drought.   Native potatoes are watered only with the rain. Everything […]

Eladio Herrera Soto: We are moving forward thanks to the potato

    The Chucmarina’s color and flavor are in demand in the markets of Northern Peru. They are great for frying because they require little oil. It saves you money. […]

Saani Muhammed: Increased knowledge, increased production

Discovering the differences between root crops. New lessons in farming.

Yanali Sabu: Knowledge yields sweetpotato profits

"The second year we learned how to plant better and got three times the amount of income.”

Edwin Amuyao: On the lookout for innovation

We will always look for innovations and find out new things. I’ll finish learning when I’m dead.

Alhassan Dua: Selling sweetpotato vines was a risk worth taking

We will be farmers all of our lives. Even when we are dead our children will still be farmers.

Julius Dorsese: Growing Sweetpotato Profits

I began growing sweetpotato and made enough money to put a new roof on my house.


  By Aime Ndayisenga and Kirimi Sindi   It’s always difficult to try something new! Doubts, fear and the confidence you have gained over long experience with things you are […]
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