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The International Potato Center has made news of late due to its collaboration with NASA and the combined effort to grow #PotatoesOnMars and while that’s a compelling storyline for a movie what CIP is really about is Farmers on Earth. Inspired by Humans of New York, or as its devoted fans call it, HONY, a wonderful series of photos and stories about people, primarily New Yorkers and their hopes, struggles and lives, Farmers of Earth uses photos and stories to help you learn more about farmers in the developing world and the challenges they face to feed their families and communities and the innovative solutions they use to overcome them.


By Caroline Namara and Sindi Kirimi   Many at times, when farmers are told about the many added values of Orange Fleshed Sweetpotatoes (OFSP), they can hardly believe it comparing […]

Fernando Alibi: Availing healthy sweetpotato planting material to farmers in Mozambique’s Niassa Province

  September 2016: In Choulue locality, Chimbunila district—Mozambique— Fernando Alibi, has finished constructing his net tunnel and is anxiously waiting for vines. He has been growing the orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) […]

Nalongo Sekiguce: High demand for disease and pest free sweetpotato vines

  I’m a vine multiplier who grows sweetpotatoes that are virus-free and selling the vines to neighbors, to grow these improved varieties in kitchen gardens for their own use and […]

Guta Gudissa: A model potato farmer in the highlands of Ethiopia

    I’m a potato grower in Jeldu, in the central highlands of Ethiopia. In 2008 I was featured as a story of success in the CIP Annual Report, and […]

Akhi and Manik: Sweetpotato creates investment opportunities

  My husband Manik and I are extremely poor, we live in a temporary shelter on an embankment beside a small branch of the Padma River in Bangladesh. We have […]

Winnie Makumbo: Urban farming policy that makes a difference

    Kampala, Uganda: In the beginning the council realized that most of our laws were outdated. We wanted to do a project but were hampered by all of these […]

Muhammad Jobbar Khan: Biggest story of success from experienced farmer

    I live in Vati-Shibrampur vilalge, Faridpur, Bangladesh and inherited my farm from my father. I would usually cultivate vegetables and a local sweet potato, and have done so […]

KOTEMU Cooperative: Sweet economics

KOTEMU sells vines and root to local NGOs working in nutrition as well as supplying roots to a local private sector processor who creates commercial products made out of OFSP […]
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