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The International Potato Center has made news of late due to its collaboration with NASA and the combined effort to grow #PotatoesOnMars and while that’s a compelling storyline for a movie what CIP is really about is Farmers on Earth. Inspired by Humans of New York, or as its devoted fans call it, HONY, a wonderful series of photos and stories about people, primarily New Yorkers and their hopes, struggles and lives, Farmers of Earth uses photos and stories to help you learn more about farmers in the developing world and the challenges they face to feed their families and communities and the innovative solutions they use to overcome them.

KOTEMU Cooperative: For nutrition, for life

Orange fleshed sweetpotato is high in vitamin A and a very healthy choice for pregnant women and children under 5 years of age Credit: S. Quinn/CIP. Original story.     […]

KOTEMU Cooperative: A cooperative for farmers to develop

Members of KOTEMU stand with their children in a field of orange fleshed sweetpotato Photo: S. Quinn/CIP. Original story.     We are KOTEMU. In Kinyarwanda this means the Koperative […]

Christina Nyirahabimana: The original orange-fleshed sweet potato mandazi (donut) recipe

Christina in her element in the kitchen of Indyo Inoze. Photo: S. Quinn/CIP. Original photo story.   We’ve developed new recipes using the orange-fleshed sweet potato, including bread, mandazi, queencakes […]

Christina Nyirahabimana: Cooperative develops innovative baked goods from sweet potato

Orange fleshed sweetpotato mandazi ready for eating. Photo: S. Quinn/CIP. Original photo story.   The community has been very supportive and they really like the cooperative’s orange-fleshed sweet potato baked […]

Taslima: Female entrepreneur starts with vines, ends with a cow

  In 2014 I was selected to be part of the orange-fleshed sweet potato nursery, organized by the USAID Horticulture Project. When I began the nursery, I rented a 200 […]

Muhammad Zia: Quality training produces large amounts of seed potato

  I am an indigenous potato cultivatorr and have been farming the indigenous potatoes for the last eight years. Last year I received 100kg of a popular variety named Diamant […]

Silverio Romero Quispe: Native potato varieties hold incredible value for Peruvian communities

Original Story: Faces of Impact, CIP CD-Rom   Here, every potato has its use. When a community member suffers from inflammation, we use the juice of the potato; the juice […]

Carlos Hidalgo Romero: Better harvests improve household economy and education

Original Story: Faces of Impact, CIP CD-Rom   I want my family to study. My idea is for them to go to the city and study, but not stay there […]
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