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The International Potato Center has made news of late due to its collaboration with NASA and the combined effort to grow #PotatoesOnMars and while that’s a compelling storyline for a movie what CIP is really about is Farmers on Earth. Inspired by Humans of New York, or as its devoted fans call it, HONY, a wonderful series of photos and stories about people, primarily New Yorkers and their hopes, struggles and lives, Farmers of Earth uses photos and stories to help you learn more about farmers in the developing world and the challenges they face to feed their families and communities and the innovative solutions they use to overcome them.

Carlos Hidalgo Romero: New methods to use old potatoes

Original Story: Faces of Impact, CIP CD-Rom   A good comunero helps with the community harvest, attends community meetings, and votes in community elections. When the community harvests the genebank […]

Carlos Hidalgo Romero: Potato Genebanks Re-Supply Communities with Native Potatoes

Original Story: Faces of Impact, CIP CD-Rom Every year we win the Potato Variety Contest. Because we have all the different potato varieties that other communities don’t have, so we […]

Tadelech Lachemo: Better storage gives new business opportunities

Photo: V. Durroux/CIP   Before the project introduced the new variety to our village, we used to plant only once a year. Now many of us are planting potato seed […]

Tadelech Lachemo: Reaping 10 times what was sown

Photo: Africa RISING   I’m a female household head, and I took part in the Potato seed multiplication project in June 2014. I was given 700kg of improved potato variety, […]

Kalil: New and improved production, storage and marketing in my village

  Photo: V. Durroux/CIP   In 2015 ‘Ganna’ season, I planted half an hectare of potato seed and harvested 16,300kg, which is a relatively low yield and was attributed to […]

Kalil: An incredible yield gives way to larger incomes and more seed

Photo: V. Durroux/CIP   During the ‘Ganna’ season of 2014 I decided to participate in potato seed multiplication, and planted the potato (Gudane) variety given by the project on a […]

Kalil: With greater risk comes greater reward

Photo: Africa RISING   My name is Kalil and I am a community leader and a farmer at Ilu Sanbitu Kebele. I knew about the Africa RISING project well before […]

Marie Claire Mukakimenyi: Money from farming for the family

  With orange-fleshed sweet potato I have been able to increase my income and it is more reliable. The income I get from farming now means that I can help […]
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