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The International Potato Center has made news of late due to its collaboration with NASA and the combined effort to grow #PotatoesOnMars and while that’s a compelling storyline for a movie what CIP is really about is Farmers on Earth. Inspired by Humans of New York, or as its devoted fans call it, HONY, a wonderful series of photos and stories about people, primarily New Yorkers and their hopes, struggles and lives, Farmers of Earth uses photos and stories to help you learn more about farmers in the developing world and the challenges they face to feed their families and communities and the innovative solutions they use to overcome them.

Drocella Yankulije: The many markets for orange-fleshed sweet potato

  There are a number of markets where we can sell orange-fleshed sweet potato. The first market is our neighbors – they to come to our farms and we harvest […]

Marie Claire Mukakimenyi: Widowed mother of five begins farming orange-fleshed sweet potato

  My name is Marie Claire Mukakimenyi. I am 57 years old and I have been a farmer here in Rwanda all my life. I am a widow with 5 […]

Drocella Yankulije: Sweet, nutritional orange-fleshed sweet potato pays the bills

  The members of the youth group have now started reaping the benefits. They started to make a little money and to be able to pay their school fees, or […]

Drocella Yankulije: Children love orange-fleshed sweet potato

  We grow a variety of orange-fleshed sweet potato here called Gihingumukungu. We prefer it because it has a very high yield and very large roots compared to other varieties. […]

Drocella Yankulije: Storage offers farmers more opportunity at the market

  There is a sweet potato storage facility that has helped us in a variety of ways. Before we had the storage facility would have mature orange-fleshed sweet potato roots […]

Drocella Yankulije: Youth group providing new opportunities through farming

  As I had started farming orange-fleshed sweet potato and was benefiting from it, I thought that it could have a wider impact on the community. I had the idea […]

Drocella Yankulije: Lucrative orange-fleshed sweet potato farming

My name is Drocella Yankulije and I am an orange-fleshed sweet potato farmer and supplier in Rwanda. I’m also the founder of a youth group working on sweet potato farming […]
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