Carlos Hidalgo Romero: New methods to use old potatoes


Original Story: Faces of Impact, CIP CD-Rom

A good comunero helps with the community harvest, attends community meetings, and votes in community elections. When the community harvests the genebank it divides the harvest and the seeds among the good comuneros and the bad comuneros do not receive anything.

It all began a while ago they (CIP scientists) said, why don’t we try it out, and so they started doing small tests (making chips), and people liked the samples they created, and my community was interested as well.

These (chips) will benefit us but it is up to us to take more interest and to grow the materials that could be good (for the product). We will plant in greater quantity and this will hopefully bring more benefits for the community and our families.

The idea is to do something for the entire community.


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