Christina Nyirahabimana: The original orange-fleshed sweet potato mandazi (donut) recipe

Christina in her element in the kitchen of Indyo Inoze. Photo: S. Quinn/CIP. Original photo story.

 We’ve developed new recipes using the orange-fleshed sweet potato, including bread, mandazi, queencakes and a range of other baked goods. While the cooperative works on a small scale, our members are constantly trying to find new markets and develop new and innovative products for our customers.

 This is how you prepare this delicious snack.

OFSP Mandazi Recipe: Ingredients: ½ cup of boiled orange fleshed sweetpotato that has been mashed/pureed: 2 cups of wheat flour; 2 tablespoons of sugar; a pinch of salt; 2 cups of cooking oil; 1 tablespoon of baking powder and lukewarm water to taste.

Clean, peel and then boil the sweetpotato roots till they become soft. Once they are soft, mash or puree the roots. Mix the dry ingredients together and sift in with OFSP puree. Add water and mix into the dough. Add enough water so the mix holds together well and can be kneaded. Knead the dough well while adding 2 tablespoons of oil slowly. On a floured surface, roll the dough to about 1cm thickness. Once the dough is rolled out, cut the dough into desired shapes. The mandazi dough is ready for cooking! Fry the mandazi in hot vegetable oil. Turn the mandazi while cooking till they are golden brown. Remove from oil and, drain. Serve the mandazi warm or cold. ENJOY!

Scaling up Sweetpotato through Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) is a five-year partnership (2013-2018) coordinated by the International Potato Center (CIP) and financed by the UK Department for International Development to spread the nutrition benefits of biofortified OFSP to more farmers.

 The program aims to reach 1.2 million households with children under 5 years across four countries: Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Rwanda through mutually-reinforcing incentives to increase adoption of OFSP, consumption of Vitamin-A-rich foods, and diversification of OFSP utilization.

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