Kalil: With greater risk comes greater reward


Photo: Africa RISING

My name is Kalil and I am a community leader and a farmer at Ilu Sanbitu Kebele. I knew about the Africa RISING project well before the start of the research interventions. A group of people came and discussed with us their intents on doing research with our farmers on selected crops like, wheat, faba bean, potato, forage crops and trees.

In the first year, I participated only in the forage crops adaptation trial, as I was hesitant to participate in the potato and faba bean trials due to red ant and human pest problems that are damaging the two crops.

However, other farmers took the risk and participated in potato, wheat and faba bean trials. I have participated in mid and end of season trial evaluations, field days and IP meetings. From the end of season evaluation, I observed that the demonstrated potato varieties especially, ‘Gudane’, was found to be high yielding and there was no ant problem despite my hesitation.

In addition to what I observed from the trial, experts from different organizations working on the project encouraged us to participate in the different research activities.

The Africa Research in Sustainable Intensification for the Next Generation (Africa RISING) program comprises three research-for-development projects supported by the United States Agency for International Development as part of the U.S. government’s Feed the Future initiative.

 Through action research and development partnerships, Africa RISING will create opportunities for smallholder farm households to move out of hunger and poverty through sustainably intensified farming systems that improve food, nutrition, and income security, particularly for women and children, and conserve or enhance the natural resource base.

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