Gourmet Service

Gourmet Services

Due to the diverse types of events held at CIP headquarters, a large part of our food services are intended for the diplomatic personnel in Peru, dignitaries
of the Peruvian State and of other countries as well. We encourage the promotion and spreading of the Andean products, which despite their high value, are not
sufficiently known in international markets.

*  Coffee Break
*  Breakfast Buffet
*  Lunches – Menu for Executives and Special Menu
*  Buffet Lunch
*  Cocktails
*  Cocktail Buffet
*  Informal or gala dinners
*  Pachamanca
*  Experience in Novoandean, International and National Cuisine

Novoandean Services

A creative, innovative, gastronomical trend that uses native products; the “Nourishment of the Future”, widely accepted by the most demanding gourmets, due to the variety of dishes, delicious flavor and low calorie recipes. Our chef uses a number of Andean products which were traditionally used by native Peruvians in a novel, healthy and natural way that best takes  advantage of their nutritional qualities.


Address: Av. La Molina # 1895, La Molina
Telephone numbers: 317-5323, 3175300 – (Extensions 3081, 2132)
Email: m.ferreyros@cgiar.org