Library and Knowlegde Management

The Knowledge Resources Center (KRC) facilitates CIP scientists in their research and offers information services to all staff members.These services encompass a variety of offerings such as handling literature requests, managing library loans, providing guidance on OpenAccess, furnishing information about the status of journals and their Open Access policies, conducting training in utilizing electronicresources, and delivering alerts regarding new publications. This evolution is part of a gradual transition towards fostering a culture ofknowledge management.


The Knowledge Resource Center of CIP offers access to a range of research outcomes and tools, including datasets, journal articles, books, and more, all available through its database subscriptions. To access the academic databases within the Library, users need to log in using their institutional email.(For remote access, please request VPN credentials).


CIP Publications encompass works that have been published by CIP. Over the recent years, these publications have been made availableunder a Creative Commons license. Additionally, for works predating this practice, we typically offer the option to download the PDFversion. Should you require a copy of a publication without a downloadable PDF, please feel free to reach out to us at,and we will be more than happy to assist in providing the necessary materials.

CIP Authors in External Sources represents the work of our authors when published in journals and books outside of CIP. We generally do nothave PDF files, but where applicable, we indicate the open-access license and provide a link for you to download the full text.

CIP datasets comprise metadata records for datasets that are publicly accessible, along with corresponding links to the files hosted on: