CIP Open Access Competition 2018

Following the success of CIP’s Open Access Data Sprint 2016, we are launching the Open Access Competition 2018 encouraging researchers to put datasets into Dataverse repository. Open Access allows research products to be more visible and reach more audiences around the world. This year the competition will focus in connecting datasets with their corresponding publications to provide open access to both.


To have a total of 100 datasets uploaded in Dataverse repository by December 2018.


Reward Programs and individuals for uploading qualified datasets linked to publications.

How will it work

  1. The Open Access Competition 2018 will consider datasets from publications from 2013 onwards([1],[2])
  2. For every qualified dataset that an individual enters Dataverse he/she will be given:
    1. 3 points if the dataset is linked to a journal article (see the list of publications from 2013 to 2018)
    2. 2 points if the dataset is linked to other types of publications
    3. 1 point if the dataset is not linked directly to any publication.
      In the case of multiple authors each author receives the correspondent points.
  3. For each point earned, the authors receive an entry into the competition. The winner of the competition will receive funding to cover the cost of one Open Access article and the cost of his/her participation in one scientific conference
  4. The Programs with most datasets will receive additional funding for two Open Access articles. The Program in second place will receive funding for one Open Access article. Staff, according to their disciplinary background is requested to contact the Program leaders in coordination with their program leaders. .


  1. A qualified dataset contains the following elements (see Publishing Research Data):
    1. Completely proof checked data
    2. Fully completed metadata
    3. Completely defined elements and variables
  2. The time period for the completion is retroactive to January 1, 2018 and continues on until December 30th, 2018.



If you have any questions about the competition, please contact  Henry Juarez ( or  Gabriela Hidalgo  ( )



[Competition status:

This summary helps to visualize the datasets published in CIP’s Dataverse. The dashboard is updated in real time and researchers can explore the most important metrics from the data repository (