Well known to the Andean population for generations, the considerable health benefits and medicinal properties of ARTCs are now beginning to attract the interest of a wider audience. All are good sources of starch, vitamin C, and calcium. Other characteristics of some include potential anti-cancer, immune-boosting, cholesterol reducing, libido enhancing, or other positive properties.

Nutritional and Health Benefits of ARTCs




high levels of vitamin C, E

high in calcium (150mg/100g dry matter)
good source of protein (10 – 14 %)
contains 9 out of 10 essential amino acids

enhances fertility and hormonal balance,
boosts energy levels,
prevents stress,
prevents development of cancer cells in stomach, breast, skin , colon, prostate
maintains a healthy immune system,
protects against infection,
improves metabolism
promotoes cell and tissue growth and repair
Yacon oligofructose reduces cholesterol andtriglyceride levels,
enhances insulin function,
controls blood sugar levels,
used to treat hyperglycemia,
aids calcium absorption,
strengthens the immune system,
prevents colon cancer
Oca high protein content with a good balance of amino acids
anthocyanins, phenols, carotenoids
powerful antioxidants, anticarconogenic,
good source of fiber
Ulluco rich in vitamin C, minerals, and proteins  

lysine (essential amino acid)

anthocyanins, phenols,carotenoids

promotes cell and tissue growth and repair,
creates elastin, collagen,
helps body to metabolize fats and to absorb Vitamin C,
powerful antioxidants, anticarconogenic
Ahipa good source of protein (9%)
good source of potassium

high in vitamins K and C

lowers stress and anxiety levels,
maintains healthy brain, muscle and organ function,
aids blood clotting,
combats osteoporosis,
reduces excessive menstrual pain

high calcium and retinol (vit A) content

ascorbic acid
small starch grains, with high levels of amylopectin

recommended in the prevention of osteoporosis,
can also help prevent vitamin A deficiency

excellent digestibility makes it an ideal source of starch for children, dieters, and the elderly

Mauka good source of protein (4.30%)
high in calcium and phosphorous
(100mg/100g fresh weight)
promotes healthy bones and teeth,
helps combat osteoporosis,
aids kidney function,
helps regulate fluid levels
Achira high in vitamin K aids blood clotting,
helps combat osteoporosis,
reduces excessive menstrual pain