World Bank Learning Group in Peru

The week spent travelling through Peru allowed the participants to see first hand the factors that will play a critical role in managing climate variability and diminishing natural resources.

The training was delivered in the field, using visits to local farms and production centers, interactions with local communities and dialogs with local stakeholders.

The activites assisted in the sharing of good practice, engagement in analytical dialogs, and on-the-ground reality checks on the impact of climate change factors that present challenges as well as opportunities for land and freshwater resources management.

There were four focus areas; the impact of climate change on land and freshwater systems; land use, rights and access; food safety and standards; and strategies for helping resource-poor farmers in Andean
indigenous communities.

On the first day, CIP’s André Devaux made a presentation on Papa Andina Value Chains, and Roberto Quiroz gave a very well-received presentation of the work that CIP is doing in collaboration with the World Bank in gathering quantitative data on climate change.


Peru, world bank