Latin American Countries

 The CIP-Quito Office is a member of CIP and was officially established on November 21, 1989, and registered with the Government of Ecuador on 12 December 1989. The CIP-Quito, is located in Quito, the capital city of the Ecuador, at an altitude of 3058 metres above the sea level, which provides a unique opportunity to study various potato varieties of Andes, potatoes and other roots and tubers in the area

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Sub-Saharan Africa

CIP headquarters are in Lima, Peru and its regional headquarters in SSA are in Nairobi, Kenya.  Our efforts in the regions are focused on research for development to combat vitamin A deficiency through the effective deployment of pro-vitamin A rich, orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes and to combat poverty and food insecurity utilizing late-blight resistant potato varieties.



CIP works with countries in areas where high concentrations of farmers are extremely vulnerable to water shortages, soil degradation, or both. Through partnerships with national governments, the private sector and civil society, CIP seeks to improve the livelihoods and food security of some of Asia’s poorest farmers, while paying­­­ particular attention to the needs of women. As women are increasingly the custodians of agricultural land and provide most of the manual labour, this is achieved through a gender-responsive delivery of innovative systems and technologies to improve agricultural production, reduce malnutrition and poverty, address the challenges of climate change and promote disaster risk reduction measures.
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