Insights from the field: Capturing Stories and Lessons from CIP Sweetpotato Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa

CIP’s sweetpotato projects recently launched a new series of pamphlets aimed at reflecting on and learning from field experiences. Titled ‘Insights from the Field’, they encouraged participants to soak up the knowledge gained from their time spent working in the field on their project.

The short series focus on specific case studies and stories from programs which help to put a human face on the work that CIP does. The stories ranged from reflecting on how a simple cooking class can change lives in rural Tanzania to learning lessons from a project that brought orange-fleshed sweetpotato (OFSP) to rural parts of Mozambique to promoting the concept ‘together we are stronger’ based on experiences in North Western Tanzania.

This reflection process is an important part of monitoring and evaluation as it allows participants to discuss the merits and challenges of a project and to learn from one another. “I would say these stories are a true testimony that what we are doing at CIP is not mechanical, but that real people are being reached, actual lives are being transformed, communities are impacted and capacities being build. The stories convey outcomes and impacts of our collaborative efforts,” said Godfrey Mulungo, one of the authors of the flyers and the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist with the ‘Reaching Agents for Change’ project in Tanzania.

The authors were encouraged to really explore how things happened differently across countries and regions within an abundance of circumstances. The process helped staff to deepen their own understanding and to share these valuable experiences.

The flyers can be found at the Sweetpotato Knowledge Portal. Share in our insights by reading the following flyers:

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