Tag: Halticoptera arduine

7.4.4 Halticoptera arduine (Mujica et al.)

  7.4.4  Annex / Halticoptera arduine (Mujica et al.)   1. Development Time Stage: Eggs-Larvae Model: logit Slope: 16.04 Stage: Pupae Model: cloglog Slope: 7.57 Stage: Female Model: logit Slope: 6.14…
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5.1.4 Halticoptera arduine (Walker 1843)

5.1.4  Biocontrol Agents Associated With Potato And Vegetable Pests /Halticoptera arduine (Walker 1843) Synonyms:    Dicyclus arduine (Walker 1843) Halticoptera arduine (Walker 1843) Taxonomic position: Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae: Miscogastrinae Authors: N.…
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