Andean Women and ARTCs

In Bolivia, CIP-Papa Andina is working with PROINPA (Fundación para la Promoción y Investigagación de Productos Andinos), SINARGEA (Sistema Nacional de Manejo, Conservación, Utilización y Evaluación de los Recursos Genéticos para la Agricultura y la Alimentación), and the Ministry of Rural Affairs to develop activities that promote women’s participation in producers’ associations, specifically those that aim to increase member’s income through the use and promotion of the biodiversity of Andean roots and tubers.

The project builds on women’s traditional knowledge of the different uses, nutritional benefits, and medicinal properties of crops such as achira and arracacha. That knowledge is combined with new information on additional uses of these products.

Results have been presented at several food fairs and other evens to disseminate the knowledge to other communities. The project has contributed to raising the income of the whole family and to increasing women’s social capital, including their self-esteem, and increased recognition from other community members.