SO 2 “Agile Potato for Asia” – in long form “Enhancing Food Security in Asia through the Intensification of Local Cereal‐based Systems with the Early-Maturing Agile Potato” – is one of the three Research and Development Strategic Programs of the new Strategy and Corporate Plan (2014-2024) developed by the International Potato Center (CIP). It aims to deliver shorter‐term solutions to tackle food security in our target commodities and geographies by going to scale with flagship technologies.

We will improve systems productivity and farm incomes of at least seven million HH in targeted Asian countries over the next 10 years. These improvements will be achieved through development and use of early-maturing agile potato varieties and thereby enhancing food security and providing an additional source of income. By “agile” we mean varieties that can fit into windows currently left fallow in the different cereal-based systems of Asia and display the robustness derived from the intended desirable traits.

We will develop the necessary early-maturing varieties with traits resistant to biotic and abiotic stress, including those required by the market and processing industry, as well as those preferred for home consumption. Responding to strong regional and national demand for better adapted potato varieties and more nutritious foods, we will develop new, early, and extremely early multipurpose potato varieties that are locally adapted and robust. We will help our partners scale up the use of research products for accelerated breeding, improved seed delivery, diversification of value chains, and ecological management practices. We will establish strategic partnerships for going to scale and couple this process with outcome research to assess cost-effectiveness, ensuring a pro-poor focus and gender inclusiveness.

We are mindful of inherent risks in agricultural intensification. Therefore, our integrative, interdisciplinary approach to research for development will contribute to the analysis and design of ecologically intensive, sustainable agricultural production systems involving potato in Asia.

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