CIP at COP28 | Social media toolkit

CIP at COP28 | Social media toolkit

CIP’s objectives at COP28 range from showcasing the resilience of root and tuber crops to advocating for evidence-based policies and strengthening partnerships. The organization’s key messages address climate resilience, nutrition scaling, gender equality, crisis response, and agricultural adaptation. With a robust social media campaign using the hashtag #ClimateResilientRootsTubers, CIP aims to raise awareness and engage a diverse audience, highlighting its commitment to driving transformative change in global food systems. Stay tuned for updates on CIP’s impactful journey at COP28!

This social media toolkit serves as a guide to help you drive online conversations about #ClimateResilientRootsTubers on your social media channels.


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JOIN WITH #ClimateResilientRootsTubers


Investing in science and innovation is the key to transforming food systems and achieving global development goals on climate.

Join @Cipotato at #COP28!


Excited to be at #COP28 showcasing how root and tuber crops are the key to resilience, sustainable food security, and health.

Join us as we highlight @Cipotato’s commitment to evidence-based policies and innovation for global challenges!

CIP at #COP28!

Join us on our mission to combat hunger, malnutrition, and climate-related challenges.

At COP28, we’re showcasing how root and tuber crops are not just crops; they’re solutions. From climate resilience and crisis response to gender equality and nutrition scaling, CIP is at the forefront of transforming agriculture for a sustainable future.

Crisis response is critical in times of need!

@Cipotato contributes by providing resilient potato and sweetpotato varieties, seeds , and capacity building.

Join us at #COP28 as we showcase our expertise in biofortified crops and collaborative efforts to address food shortages and malnutrition during emergencies.


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Roots and tubers, such as sweetpotatoes and cassava, are known for their ability to thrive in diverse climates, including challenging conditions like drought and high temperatures.


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The diversification of roots and tubers is essential for addressing hidden hunger and ensuring communities have access to a broad spectrum of nutrients.


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#DYK that water-wise characteristic is vital for sustainable agriculture, especially in the context of changing precipitation patterns?


| CIP at #COP28

#DYK that sustainable farming practice not only ensures food security but also promotes ecological balance?



Climate action is everyone’s responsibility!

@CGIAR and partners are on a mission to address gender inequality in agrifood systems. Join the conversation on gender-responsive climate innovations and the path to a sustainable future.

️ Dec 3 | 18:30-20:00

@CGIAR and partners are spotlighting gender-responsive climate innovations.

Let’s amplify the role of women in agrifood systems and work towards effective climate action. Join us in this important conversation.

 ️ Dec 3 | 18:30-20:00

Join us at #COP28 for a special side event!

@CGIAR and partners are launching an event to spotlight gender-responsive climate innovations.

Let’s empower women and drive effective climate action in food systems!

️ Dec 3 | 18:30-20:00

Join @CGIAR and partners at a crucial #COP28 side event addressing gender inequality in agrifood systems. As climate change intensifies, empowering women and marginalized groups becomes crucial.

Join us in spotlighting gender-responsive climate innovations and driving effective climate action in food systems.

️ Dec 3 | 18:30-20:00


Don’t miss the side event ‘Crop Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation’ at #COP28!

Join us for insights, discussions, and strategies toward a resilient and nature-positive future for farmers worldwide .

Join us at #COP28 for a dynamic @Cipotato-led event in the @CGIAR pavilion.

Dive into the conversation on “Crop Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation”.

️ Dec 6

Exciting developments at #COP28!

Join @Cipotato at the @CGIAR pavilion for an insightful event.

We’ll be discussing “Crop Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation,” contributing to a resilient and nature-positive future for farmers globally .

️ Dec 6

Save the date for a special event at #COP28!

@Cipotato is leading a discussion on “Crop Diversity for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation” at the CGIAR pavilion.

Explore strategies for a resilient future in agriculture .

️ Dec 6