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Stories and updates from the people and projects of CIP Sub-Saharan Africa – Newsletter Vol. 4, June 2015

A picture is worth a thousand words

The CIP sub-Saharan Africa regional image database is a great way to see what our staff, field workers and partners are up to. See a collection of colorful photos from a visit to OFSP farmer and vine multiplier Elizabeth Mukasa in Western Kenya; CIPs participation in the CGIAR Booth at the FARA Conference in South Africa and images from Kofi & Nane Annan visiting CIP in Ghana.

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Magic Mash – Reducing child malnutrition with sweetpotatoes

Bright orange sweetpotato mash with a slab of butter melting slowly on top is a familiar sight on Thanksgiving feast tables across North America. Not only delicious, the vegetable is increasingly recognised as a nutritional powerhouse. The intense colour means there is lots of beta-carotene, which the body converts in vitamin A.  Read the full article by Dr Jan Low on the Guardian – Global Development Professionals Network here.

Creating wealth with seed potatoes in Ethiopia

“Most of our income is from potato – potato kick-started everything here. With the money we earned from potato, we invested in other enterprises and crops. There was very little in the way of cash crops before (this) project”. (Gumer Burdena Dember) 

In Ethiopia the lives of potato farmers have been transformed through a Common Funds for Commodities-funded, CIP-implemented project (2008-13) to improve the wealth and livelihoods of potato producers.  The project resulted in a wide range of positive livelihood changes for participating farmers, including increased availability of high quality seed potato at affordable prices, and improved yields food security, and market linkages – all leading to increased income.  Read the full press release here.

CIP in Rwanda featured on CNBC Africa

CIP signs MOU with University of Nairobi

CIP has signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Nairobi (UoN) that will establish academic relations between the two. As per the agreement, the collaboration will among other things, promote joint research activities, publications, source for research funding and provide internships and job opportunities for students. In addition the cooperation agreement will see the two institutions conduct breeding work and potato trials at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (CAVS) fields and engage staff and students in building research through exchange programs and short courses. Read the full article here.


The Sweetpotato Transformation!

The March edition of the popular Hortinews Magazine is focused on all things Sweetpotato! Titled ‘The Sweetpotato Transformation’ the edition incorporates articles and material from a wide range of research centers, ngo’s and private sector companies working with sweetpotato in sub-Saharan Africa. Read the full article here.

Take a few minutes to watch this documentary that the Reaching Agents of Change (RAC) project produced to highlight key achievements and project impact.

Tanzania edges closer to approving seed standards for Sweetpotato, Potato & Cassava

A Quality Declared Planting Material certification process in Tanzania will ensure seed producers are giving farmers quality planting materials and contribute to improved food security and poverty reduction. Read the full article here.

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