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2021 marked an outstanding year for CIP’s contribution to scientific knowledge as our scientists authored (or coauthored) 93 papers published in 59 different journals, nearly all of which are internationally recognized. In keeping with CIP’s mandate to serve the public good, 79 of those articles (85%) are open access, freely available to all readers.

Altmetric scores reflect the attention these articles have received in academic publications, mass media, social media and public policy documents.

CIP publications are available to the public in CGSpace, our research repository

TOP 5 Altmetric scores

The persistent threat of emerging plant disease pandemics to global food security
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
May 2021

Crop genetic erosion: understanding and responding to loss of crop diversity
New Phytologist
October 2021

The Potato of the Future: Opportunities and Challenges in Sustainable Agri-food Systems
Potato Research
July 2021

Phytosanitary Interventions for Safe Global Germplasm Exchange and the Prevention of Transboundary Pest Spread: The Role of CGIAR Germplasm Health Units.
February 2021

Putting diverse farming households’ preferences and needs at the centre of seed system development
Outlook on Agriculture
November 2021