Dear stakeholders and partners,

We are pleased to present the 2022 International Potato Center (CIP) Annual Report, which showcases our commitment to catalyzing change for prosperity, resilience, and health.

Prosperity remains a primary focus for CIP as we recognize the significant economic value that root and tuber crops (RTCs) generate for farmers worldwide. The pandemic highlighted the importance of RTCs as they provided stability during global supply chain disruptions. Studies indicate that by 2050, RTCs and fruits and vegetables will account for the largest gains in agricultural economic value in Africa, with similar trends underway in South Asia and Latin America. This transformative shift, driven by increased reliance on RTCs under climate change scenarios, allows smallholder farmers in resource-poor communities to benefit from increased market demand. CIP’s work empowers them to share in the prosperity built on RTCs.

Resilience is crucial, and CIP leads in developing climate-resilient varieties of potato and sweetpotato. With increasing efficiency, our breeding programs address major stresses such as drought, salinity, higher temperatures, floods, and disease pressures. We eagerly anticipate the new RTB Breeding program, which extends our methodologies to other important root and tuber crops. By enhancing farming system resilience, we witness the growing adoption of potatoes and sweetpotatoes among farmers, often for the first time. CIP supports this shift through research, technology delivery models, and capacity-sharing initiatives.

Better health outcomes from inclusive food systems are a priority, and CIP’s work focuses on combatting vitamin A deficiency through biofortified, vitamin A-rich orange-fleshed sweetpotatoes. Our reach has extended to over seven million households across Africa and South Asia, improving food security and addressing health challenges. Advances made by communities in the arid regions of Northern Kenya and Uganda and by vulnerable households in Southern Madagascar showcase the transformative impact of our efforts.

CIP’s research has been recognized for its quality and relevance. Our work on hybrid sweetpotato, biofortified potato, and the leadership in cryopreservation by our Genebank have garnered accolades. Strategic positioning within CGIAR and global collaborations maximizes the impact of our climate resilience research and innovations for future generations.

Over the past year, CIP has made tremendous contributions to advancing the integration of One CGIAR into a global leader for agrifood systems research. CIP Directors have taken up CGIAR leadership positions during this transition. We look forward to working with them and all CGIAR entities to translate the ambition of One CGIAR into practical science collaboration and institutional growth. While CIP is financially healthy, we recognize the need for growth. We have filled leadership gaps and will continue this process in the coming year, strengthening our organizational capacity. CIP2030, our new Strategy for 2023, focuses our efforts on programmatic priorities for the future. It unites us as One CIP behind a greater ambition and propels us toward achieving our mission.

We sincerely thank the CIP community, partners, and stakeholders for their unwavering support. Together, we will drive transformative change, advance potato and sweetpotato research, and contribute to sustainable agriculture, food systems, and community well-being.

We invite you to explore this report, where stories of resilience, innovation, and transformative change come to life. With your continued support, we will catalyze change, build prosperous and resilient agricultural systems, and create a healthier future for all.


Simon Heck
Director General
International Potato Center

Helen Hambly Odame
CIP Board of Trustees