Request for proposal: Rebranding the International Potato Center

CIP is seeking proposals from qualified branding agencies to develop a new name, visual identity, and brand strategy that will:

  1. Reflect CIP’s Expanded Mandate: The new brand should convey CIP’s expanded focus beyond just potato and sweet potato, encompassing a broader agenda around biodiversity, regenerative agriculture, crop improvement, and urban food systems.
  2. Strengthen Brand Visibility and Relevance: The rebrand should enhance CIP’s visibility and relevance among key stakeholders, including policymakers, donors, development partners, and the public.
  3. Align with CIP’s Core Values: The new brand should authentically reflect CIP’s core values of scientific excellence, innovation, sustainability, and a commitment to improving the lives of smallholder farmers and vulnerable populations.
  4. Facilitate Stakeholder Engagement: The rebrand process should involve key internal and external stakeholders to build buy-in and ensure the new brand resonates with CIP’s diverse audiences.
  5. Ensure Continuity with CIP’s Heritage: While evolving the brand, the proposal should find ways to build upon CIP’s 50-year legacy and preserve the organization’s hard-earned credibility and brand equity.

Publications dates

End date: May 15, 2024

Ximena Ganoza