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Stories that make a difference: Photos are a fantastic way to capture and understand the world around us. Here you can view a collection of colorful and engaging photo stories about the work that the International Potato Center does around the globe to improve nutrition, food security and livelihoods through roots and tubers. We hope that you enjoy exploring our work and getting to know the staff, partners and farmers that we work with day in, day out. 



  • Going orange with sweetpotato in Malawi:  Link
  • Drocella Yankulije is an OFSP farmer. This is her story…   Link
  • Indyo Inoze in Rwanda…   Link
  • KOTEMU OFSP Farming in Rwanda…   Link
  • OFSP farming in Rwanda …   Link
  • Which variety of sweetpotato is best for you?    Link
  • Taking sweetpotato from farm to table in rural Malawi Link
  • How do you eat your sweetpotato?   Link
  • I Love Sweetpotato  Link
  • Why orange fleshed sweetpotato is the crop to grow in Western Kenya Link
  • Pachamanca Link
  • Seed potato in Rwanda Link
  • Feed the Future – Kenya Accelerated Value Chain Development Program Link
  • From little things, big things grow Link
  • Urban nutrition Link
  • Orange fleshed sweetpotato Link
  • Apply Science, Impact Livelihoods Link
  • Harvesting nutrition on the banks of the Brahmaputra River Link
  • A Sweet Story Link
  • Community Nutrition Scholars Link
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