Dr Regina Kapinga

  • Occurence and Distribution of Alternaria leaf petiole and stem blight on sweet potato in Uganda
  • Chronica- Vitamin A partnership for Africa.
  • Viruses and Virus like diseases affecting sweet potato subsistence farming in Southern Tanzania.
  • Ndunguru– SPVD –IPM 2008.
  • The use of sensory evaluation and consumer acceptability for the selection of sweetpotato cultivars in East Africa
  • Tomlins sweet potato Poster
  • Incidence and severity of Yam virus and viruses
  • Incidence of Cassava Mosaic Virus Diseas

Peter Gildemacher

  • Positive selection to improve farm saved seed potatoes (picture book)
  • Positive Selection to improve farm saved seed potatoes (Trainers manual)
  • LB Leaflet Amharic
  • Farmer Field aid 5
  • English Transcript
  • 01 LB swahili.wma: radio program Late Blight in swahili
  • PS Leisa final

Dr.Lieven Claessens

  • Reconstructing Land slide Events Newzealand
  • Landslide,soil distr,sediment yield Uganda
  • Landslide harzard modelling spatial distribution and ecology of Kauri
  • Dem solution effect on shallow landslide harzard and soil redistribution modelling

Dr Cornelia Loechl

  • Age-based preventive targeting of food assistance and
  • behaviour change and communication for reduction of
  • childhood undernutrition in Haiti: a cluster randomised trial
  • Translating Research into Action: Using Operations
  • Research to Strengthen Food-Aid Programmes
  • Donated fortified cereal blends improve the nutrient density of traditional complementary foods in Haiti, but iron and zinc gaps remain for infants
  • Micronutrient Sprinkles Reduce Anemia among
  • 9- to 24-Mo-Old Children When Delivered
  • through an Integrated Health and Nutrition Program in Rural Haiti1
  • The Use of Operations Research as a Tool for Monitoring
  • and Managing Food-Assisted Maternal/Child Health and
  • Nutrition (MCHN) Programs: An Example from Haiti
  • Assessing Supervisory and Motivational
  • Factors in the Context of a Program Evaluation
  • Can effective nutrition education be conducted in the context of health and growth monitoring programs? Evidence from Haiti

Dr Jan Low

  • Combating Vitamin A deficiency Through use of Sweet Potatoes

Joseph Obado


Dr Britta Kowalski

  • Effect of three brassinosteroids on morphological and physiological parameters of in vitro plantlets of potato Solanum tuberosum L. c.v. Desireé in vitro and in the greenhouse
  • Mutation breeding for yield and Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary foliar resistance in potato (Solanum tuberosum L. cv. Golden Wonder) using computerized image analysis in selection.
  • Application of soluble chitosan in vitro and in the greenhouse to increase yield and seed quality of potato tubers.
  • Influence of cultivar, season, explant type and seaweed concentrate on potato plantlet quality.
  • Novel sources of resistance to late blight of potato.
  • The effect of a seaweed concentrate on the in vitro growth and acclimatization of potato plantlets.
  • Influence of cultivar, season, explant type and seaweed concentrate on potato plantlet quality.
  • In vitro and ex vitro Selection of Potato Plantlets for Resistance to Early Blight