CGIAR leaders hosted by CIP

The International Potato Center (CIP) is one of 13 non-profit research centers and alliances that constitute CGIAR, the world’s largest agricultural research for development organization, which works with more than 3000 partners in nearly 90 countries around the world. Those 13 centers are home to more than 9,000 scientists, development professionals and other staff. Together, they are working to transform food, land and water systems through three Action Areas: 1) Systems Transformation, 2) Resilient Agrifood Systems, and 3) Genetic Innovation. CGIAR is thereby catalyzing improvements in five Impact Areas: 1) nutrition, health and food security; 2) poverty reduction, livelihoods, and jobs; 3) gender equality, youth and social inclusion; 4) climate adaptation and mitigation; and 5) environmental health and biodiversity.

While CIP scientists include global experts in potato or sweetpotato science, it is also home to outstanding professionals in areas ranging from economics to gender research and from finance to nutrition. CIP also hosts various global and regional CGIAR leaders many of whom were hired by CIP but now work for CGIAR, either from Peru or other countries. They are responsible for strategic functions in science, engagement, and organizational and operational development.