Gender, diversity and inclusion

The International Potato Center (CIP) is committed to fair, safe, and inclusive practices. Our diversity powers our innovation. It is an integral component of our mission and values. Gender, age, wealth and ethnicity have an huge influence upon the success of agricultural interventions. Most of all, treating everyone with dignity and fairness is the right thing to do.

To ensure equitable impacts and benefits to rural people, CIP emphasizes inclusive research and development interventions. These include in our science, in our public awareness and engagement, and in our approach to diversity in the workplace. Our sciences focuses on inclusion, in data collection, control of productive assets, the development and dissemination of technologies that reduce women’s labor and improve the participation of women and young people in decision-making.

Working towards a healthy, sustainable and inclusive world, CIP workplaces around the world are multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary and multi-generational. With more than 600 staff in over 20 countries, our workplaces are full of passionate individuals, each bringing their own skills and perspectives. This diversity powers our innovation.

That is why we actively seek to maximize the diversity of our workforce, creating and sustaining workplaces that are inclusive and enabling. By maximizing diversity, we enrich the quality of our decision-making, deepen the relevance of our advice and outputs, and enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. In January 2020, CIP reaffirmed its commitment to these issues by adopting the CGIAR Framework and Action Plan for Gender, Diversity and Inclusion in our global workplaces.

The two documents set out a clear shared vision for gender, diversity and inclusion and plan to get us there. The Action Plan contains 22 key objectives, covering five principles: staff diversity, inclusive workplaces, raising awareness and reducing bias, accountability and partnership. The CGIAR System supports implementation of this Action Plan. It provides expert support, guidance, training and tools in support of achieving our shared vision.