Collaborate with CIP

Guidance on Partnership with the Private Sector

The International Potato Center (CIP) is constantly seeking to forge new, relevant partnerships to ensure that the Center can have the broadest access to the most advanced technologies and skills, and to act as an intermediary to bring their benefits to the developing nations, specifically to the low income potato and sweetpotato farmers living in them.

CIP recognizes that the private sector, in particular, is becoming increasingly important in developing and disseminating such new technologies. In some countries the private sector is actually the most probable partner to reach our clients. The governments of both developing and industrialized countries are encouraging the private sector to participate in projects that have, in the past, been financed from the public purse.

CIP cannot ignore this trend, and it will actively seek collaboration with private sector organizations in joint research efforts aimed at meeting the Center’s goals and objectives. CIP defines the private sector not only as national and multinational for-profit enterprises and small-scale entrepreneurs, but also as public institutions or organizations that are entirely or mostly funded by industry, or that derive part of their income from selling products of their research.

The scale and nature of collaboration with these different entities of the private sector may not be exactly the same, but general considerations apply in all circumstances. We believe that a nonprofit organization like CIP can work in partnership with the private sector to leverage complementary skills, capacity and expertise that will enhance our ability to develop and disseminate pro-poor technologies, varieties and seeds without compromising our mission or reputation. Furthermore access to skills and expertise in the private sector will ensure that our technologies are more appropriate and will reach our clients for hunger and poverty alleviation in a considerably shorter timeframe and on a far greater scale.