Conversation with CAPAC PERU (Audio)

antonio2From September 9 to 18 the Iniciativa Papas Andinas – along with many local partners – participated at the 2011 Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Lima where farmers from all over Peru came to showcase their produce.

Below is the audio (in Spanish) of an extract of the interview with Antonio Palomino, coordinator of CAPAC PERU ( CAPAC PERU displayed a variety of native potatoes.

Mr. Palomino describes the importance of stimulating the native potato market chain and bringing the farmers to see their colorful tubers reach the shelves of supermarket chains like Vivanda.

“It’s important to come to fairs like Mistura so the farmers can see that their native potatoes are well-known in Lima and sell at a good market price – that motivates them to keep planting [native potatoes].”

There are more than 4,000 varieties in Peru that come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Maintaining a large variety of native potatoes in the fields is important to ensure the genetic resources that underpin our food supply. Genetic diversity is the way in which crops adapt to changing environments; a natural weapon offering them the flexibility to deal with unforeseen events such as climate change, and giving them greater chances to resist pests and diseases.