Conversation: Marcelo Tiza – Asociación Agropecuaria Santa Inés – Zona Altina Quilcas, Huancayo, Peru

MarceloFrom September 9 to 18 the Iniciativa Papas Andinas – along with many local partners – participated at the 2011 Mistura Gastronomic Fair in Lima where farmers from all over Peru came to showcase their produce.

Below is the audio (in Spanish) of the interview with Mr. Marcelo Tiza Rodriguez from the Asociación Agropecuaria Santa Inés – Zona Altina Quilcas. His community works together with the Yanapai group and the International Potato Center.

He tells us about their second visit to the Mistura Fair and their work on the promotion of the native potatoes that they grow under the Miski Papa brand.

He also talks about the incentives and benefits that they have received from cultivating native potatoes and the decisions they had to make to establish their brand as a known product within the native potatoes market.