Sharing knowledge – Transferring research results from scientific journals onto the fields for multi-stakeholder fulfillment


CGIAR researcher Lieven Claessens works to involve different groups of stakeholders at the start of his Adaption to Climate Change Strategy project in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia to ensure his research is based on their needs and ultimately improve the impacts and outcomes.

“We engage with the farmers to find what their current problems are, we try to put that in the context of Climate Change and then we try to discuss with them feasible adaption strategies,” says Claessens in the video.

“I really intentionally try to incorporate the stakeholders from the beginning…the adaption strategies we are testing are really the results we got from the first stakeholder workshops. This makes sure we are on the ground and have done a reality check,” he adds.

The challenge in knowledge sharing is to find ways to assists scientists to communicate their results in better ways. The multi-stakeholder pathway used by Lieven is exemplary in “making agricultural research available, accessible and applicable.”

“I’m not really sure that when we have our research results in the form of a graph or maps — whether that’s the best way to communicate these results,” he concludes.