Video of CIP’s Breeding Program’s Crossing Techniques

image_thumbCIP biologist Benny OrdoƱez discusses a new training video on potato crossing techniques:

“The International Potato Center (CIP) has made significant contributions through its potato breeding program. Samples of improved populations are distributed in the form of health-tested botanical seed or in vitro plants to national programs and other institutions around the world where they are either used directly in variety selection, or crossed with local varieties or breeding stocks for further enhancement.

While practiced in many ways by many programs, potato crossing techniques have not been sufficiently described or documented. To address this, CIP researchers are sharing the specialized experience that they have accumulated over a long time.

The main objective of the video is to describe in detail the steps ranging from Phytosanitary measures, Greenhouse management, Evaluation of pollen viability, Controlled cross-pollinization, through Harvest and processing the tomato-like fruits (called berries in the case of potato) to produce, document and conserve hybrid seed. The video is 25 minutes.

We are confident that this publication will contribute significantly to capacity building in Latin American countries and beyond (an English translation is coming soon). Suggestions for improvement are welcome and will be incorporated into newer versions.”