Aiming for prosperity

Global potato organization says potatoes provided stability during supply chain disruptions, and now the industry deserves to prosper.

PROSPERITY remains a primary focus for the International Potato Center (CIP) which has just launched its annual report.

The significant economic value that root and tuber crops (RTCs) generate for farmers worldwide is highlighted in opening speeches by Director General Simon Heck and the Board of Trustees Chair Helen Hambly Odame.

“The pandemic highlighted the importance of RTCs as they provided stability during global supply chain disruptions. Studies indicate that by 2050, RTCs and fruits and vegetables will account for the largest gains in agricultural economic value in Africa, with similar trends underway in South Asia and Latin America,” the report states. “This transformative shift, driven by increased reliance on RTCs under climate change scenarios, allows smallholder farmers in resource-poor communities to benefit from increased market demand. CIP’s work empowers them to share in the prosperity built on RTCs.”

Aiming for prosperity

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